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    Zenit Incompatible is one of the finest hungarian mashuppers. He’s a dj (since 1997), a mashup producer (since 2005), remixer, radioshow host, blogger, teacher at the European Sound & Light Academy, and also a journalist for hungarian Playboy Magazine.

    Zenit is an indispensable guy in the hungarian funky breaks scene, but he never plays just the same: he’s familiar with breakbeat, drum ‘n bass, bigbeat, house, hiphop, triphop. latin, afrobeat, beat, glitch, jazz, swing and pop too.

    Played in several european countries, his songs released by several labels (like Breakbeat Paradise Records, PigBalls Records, Booty Pirates, Dirty Dubster Digital, Bulabeats and Budabeats), as several aliases (like “Son of a pitch”or "The Funk Lovin' Criminal").

    After two mashup albums, and countless liveacts, he’s comitted to mashing up, always refresh the usual songs with his own beats, and unexpected vocals – everything what makes you laugh, dance and feel good.

    He's an Inglorious Funker.

    His podcast called "Up to 11" available for free on iTunes, Mixcloud and, and features on Ramp-Shows Blog.

    If you're interested about what he likes, or you just want to listen great, quality music, check his not-so-daily updated audioblog, Daily Phonics!

    These tracks are not existing in any commercial forms. All of my reedits, the mashups, the remixes and anything free were created only for entertaining, not profit.
    Please, always support the original artists, buy the originals!


Dj AKA from the Funk Moguls just did this rework of Major Look's killer drum 'n bass track, "Hush Ya Gums".
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